The Zebra (Equus zebra) is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock Edit

Complete The Riddles challenge on Land 2.

Alignment Edit

The natural alignment of the Zebra is good.

Neutral look Edit

The neutral look of the Zebra is a common zebra.

Good look Edit


A good Zebra.

The good look of the Zebra is a zebra with shinier and thicker white stripes and thinner black stripes.

Evil look Edit


An evil Zebra.

The evil look of the Zebra is a darker colored with thicker black stripes and red stripes instead of white.

Al Characteristics Edit

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Zebra:

  • speed = 9
  • strength = 5
  • intelligence = 7

General description Edit

With average strength and certainly the fastest legs in the whole Eden, this is a good Creature to choose. However it's just exactly the same as the Horse. So, it is a matter of personal preference.

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