A workshop is a civic building that can be used by the player to create scaffoldings. To make one, a player must combine three scaffoldings and place them at a village that either has all civic buildings or just a village store.

The workshop can store up to three scaffoldings (no matter their size) and will not produce aditional ones until these are used up or combined.

To make a scaffolding, a player needs to drop 2500 wood into the workshop (or have a crasftman disciple do it) until the flag indicating the required wood is completly down. The workshop will then start up, making sounds and releasing smoke. When the scaffolding is ready, the workshop will warn the player with a different sound.

Black and White
One / Two Scaffolds Small Abode / Large Abode
Three Scaffolds Creche / Graveyard / Village Store / Workshop
Four / Five Scaffolds Field / Village Center
Six / Seven Scaffolds Miracle Dispenser / Wonder
Other Temple / Worship Site
Black And White 2
Dwellings Creature Pen / House / Hovel / Manor / Mansion / Skyscraper / Villa
Civic Buildings Altar / Amphitheater / Baths / Graveyard / Nursery / Prison / Rest Home / Tavern / Temple
Industrial Buildings Field / Granary / Lumber Mill / Plant Market / Pot Market / Smelter / Statue Market / Storehouse / University
Walls and Roads Fortified Wall / Road / Wall / Wall Gatehouse
Embellishments Column / Fertility Statue / Lamp / Meadow / Naming Fountain / Punishment Spike / Torture Pit / Well
Military Armory / Ranged Armory / Siege Workshop
Wonders Earthquake Wonder / Hurricane Wonder / Siren Wonder / Volcano Wonder