A pile of wood.

Wood is a resource used in Black & White 1 and its sequel. It comes from trees, fences, the wood miracle and the forest miracle.

Wood is the only thing needed to make buildings in Black & White 1 (but ore will be needed as well in Black & White 2).

Villagers gather wood naturally and deposit it in piles at the village store (or lying on the ground if no store is present). They will also take wood form the village store to help constructing buildings.

One can make a disciple forester that will automatically gather wood from nearby forests, a disciple craftsman to take that wood to the workshop to make scaffoldings and a disciple builder to erect buildings.

It is always a good idea to keep forests near villages or the temple, as well as making new ones for an endless suply of wood. (It's best to place them as far away from enemy gods as possible, or they'll steal the trees).


  • Villagers are able to pick up and carry up to 250 wood (represented by a single log they carry over their shoulders).

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