The undead village is a unique settlement of Black & White found on Land 4.

The undead village.

Formely an average aztec village, it and its inhabitants (which were turned into living skeletons) were cursed by Nemesis for their defiance.

Upon destroying the guardian stones, the player is asked to lift their curse by raising their totems, which are the source of their power. The player complies with the help of his/her creature, decursing the village.

That village cannot be converted by any means and has nothing but houses (although the player may add extra buildings via scaffoldings). While in their cursed state, the villagers cannot die.


The undead village is unique in many ways: it has two skull-shaped totems

One of the undead village's unique looking totems.

situated in the edge of the crater where the village is. They are said to be "their source of power". The totems are shown to be able to lift the village's curse once fully risen. The village cannot be converted as well, but it is not known if this is caused by the totems.

The curse of undeath also makes the villagers immortal.

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