The city of Tonshu is the first hostile Japanese city the Greeks encounter while they are rebuilding their civililation. It is found on Land 5

Location and GovernmentEdit

On the north of the island on Honshi, the city has control and influence over the surrounding towns, often impressing them, and having them migrate to their city. It has no roads, only open ways for people to travel. The city streets are in a horseshow, with one row of buildings to the next. To the west are puplic fields that feed the city. By the time of its capture of its capture by the Greeks, the city could fit 247 adults and 132 children. It is under the control of the Japenese brothers, specificaly the good one.History

The city was founded by one of the legandary two brothers, and built from scratch to oppose the Greek city of Miko, though it fails, and it soon is incured into the New Greek Empire, and the brother flees to Nagoyen.

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