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The Tiger (Panthera tigris) is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock Edit

Chosen at the beginning of the game.

Alignment Edit

The natural alignment of the Tiger is evil.

Neutral look Edit

Nature tiger

A neutral Tiger.

The neutral look of the Tiger is a Bengal tiger.

Good look Edit

The good look of the Tiger is a shiny pink tiger with a white light outline.

Evil look Edit

The evil look of the Tiger is a big clawed vermilion big teethed tiger.

Al Characteristics Edit

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Mandrill:

  • speed = 7
  • strength = 5
  • intelligence = 4

General description Edit

Although not smart, the Tiger is a good fighter, with fast, strong attacks and can defeat creatures like the Ape or the Chimpanzee easily. It has a standard growth rate, but due to its very low intelligence it's usually underrated and not seen very often, being replaced by the smarter Lion.

Black and White
Starting Creatures Ape / Cow / Tiger
Unlockable Creatures Brown Bear / Chimpanzee / Lion / Polar Bear / Sheep / Tortoise / Wolf / Zebra
Creature Isle Only Chicken / Crocodile / Rhinoceros
Hacked Creatures Ogre / Rhinoceros
Patch Only Gorilla / Horse / Leopard / Mandrill
Black and White 2
Starting Creatures Cow / Lion / Ape / Wolf
Unlockable Creatures Tiger

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