A Tibetan village.

Tibetans are one of the eight tribes present in Black & White. They can be found on lands 3 and 5. They are also present in skirmish and multiplayer games; such villages are almost always in the center of the map, and very powerful in terms of resources and structures. They usually also have access to the Mega-Blast miracle.

They do not appear in Black & White 2.

Tibetans are one of the rarest tribes in the game, and the most powerful, for a handful of very good reasons.

  • Their Wonder is one of the most potent in terms of bonuses given (Actions become more impressive, Flock miracles are more powerful, Shield miracles become stronger).
  • Their Large Abodes have a much higher capacity for people than any other tribe, bar none.


And until I see a big enough one, you don't mean nothing to me!

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