The Witch in front of her hut.

The Youth Witch is an NPC featured on Black & White. She lives on a Celtic hut, not too far from the Egyptian village on Land 3. She is part of The Rejuvenator silver reward scroll challenge. She uses the female Norse villager character model.

She claims to have the power to turn any adult villager into a child again, an ability that is soon proved to be true, should the player give her villagers. Villagers from any village (player, neutral or Lethys-controlled) are eligible, as long as they are 18 or older).

After three villagers have been transformed into children, she will say she's dizzy. The player can still give her adults, however.

Upon giving her a child after she's dizzy, instead of an adult, she will accidently transform the youngling into a creature: a Chimpanzee if the player has an Ape, or an Ape, if the player has anything else, ending the challenge.

Reward: The possibility of transforming villagers into children indefinitely or a creature (see above).

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