Some undead villagers.

The Undead Village is a gold story scroll quest from Black & White. It is located at Land 4's Japanese village and will only be available after all three guardian stones are destroyed.

On this quest, a man tells the player how Nemesis cursed the one village that dared to oppose him, and asks him/her to remove said curse, assuring that the cursed villagers will be in debt, revealing the location of the second part of the creed.

The village itself is located within the giant crater not too far from the Aztec village.

The solutionEdit

To break the curse, the player must raise both totems that are on the crater's rim at the same time. There are two problems, however: the undead village itself cannot be converted by any means, and once one of the totems is raised, it will immediately go down again upon being released.

To solve this, the player must have enough influence to reach one of the totems, and have the creature raise the other one (it is easy to teach the creature how to do this, he only needs to watch the player doing this a few times while using the leash of learning).

As soon as the creature begins rising the totem, the player should rise the other one all the way up and keep the hand in place, so it won't go down again. The village will be decursed and the player will learn the location of the second part of the Creed.

Reward: Second part of the Creed and vortex to Land 5.

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