The slaves being held by the circus crew.

The Slavers is a silver reward scroll challenge of Black & White. It is located at Khazar's Greek village on Land 2. It will become available after the player takes said village (which won't be considered evil if the player takes it after he is destroyed).

In this challenge, villagers have been kidnapped and made into slaves by Egyptian men who wish to start a circus. They will return the slaves in exchange for animals.

The Good WayEdit

The player must give them what they want and look for the animals. Up to two of the same animal can be placed in the fenced area (not the one with the slaves, the one right next to it) Each animal is worth a certain number of slaves, as shown below:

Finding the Animals:Edit

Horses can be found pretty much everywhere on the land, speacially in grassy plains and near villages.

Turtles can be found at the tiny islands where Khazar taught the player about the shield miracle.

Wolves can be found in forests, such as the one near the village where The Plague challenge is, or the small one, where The Riddles challenge is, but it is better to search for them during daytime, as they roam in packs at night.

Tigers can be found at the shore near the Greek village where this challenge is.

Mountain lions are the hardest to find, roaming around the mountain chains where Khazar's temple is/was.

One must have animals worth of all the eight slaves to free them all.

Reward: A miracle dispenser with the pack miracle spawns in front of the circus.

The Evil WayEdit

Kill the slavers, take the slaves by force, steal animals you already gave them (doing it and returning the animal counts as a new animal, but they will retaliate if the trick is done too many times).

Reward: The circus crew raids the village, setting buildings on fire.

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