The Sheepherder wakes up to find his sheep are missing.

The Sheepherder is an NPC from Black & White that appears on Land 1. He uses a special Norse male model (shared by the lost brother) and is involved in The Lost Flock silver reward scroll challenge.

Upon activating his scroll, he explains to the player that he fell asleep while counting his sheep and now they all have escaped. The player is then asked to find them all.

After finding four of the lost sheep, the player is rewarded with a small pile of grain. Finding all of the lost sheep will reward the player with the Sheep creature.

After completion of the quest, he becomes a regular villager.


  • A bug causes the good conscience to be shocked and disappointed at the player when the sheepherder dies, even if by old age.
  • He is a reference to the stereotype of counting sheep to help one fall asleep.

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