The Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on Land 3, with the scroll being close to the spiral mountain that is near the Celtic village. This challenge becomes available when the player impresses the Japanese village for even by the slightest amount of belief.

In this challenge, The Shaolin informs the player that he will be off to meditate and warns that he does not wish to be followed.

The challenge is neutral (no good and/or evil way to solve it) and the solution is to follow him without being seen.

The SolutionEdit

In order to follow The Shaolin without being seen, the player must keep the "camera" behind him at all times, while keeping him in sight or he'll flee.

There are two checkpoints (indicated by glowing golden sparkles) to help the player, should he/she be spotted before completion. There are also groups of blue mushrooms on the mountain trail. These indicate the spots where The Shaolin will stop to check if he's being followed and then resume walking. To avoid being seen at these times, the player can pause the game (P key), adjust the camera so that he/she is on top of a higher mountain layer, but with The Shaolin still in his/her sights, and then unpause the game. After he watches his back and resumes walking, the player can pause the game again to adjust the camera to the previous position.

When he reaches his meditation spot, he'll promise to the player that he'll "appear when needed".

Reward: The Shaolin will help the player in The Flaming Followers, The Possessed Wolves and will give him/her an Indian wonder.

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