The Shaolin, after you successfully follow him

The Shaolin is one of the few NPCs from Land 3.

He lives in a building on top of a spiral mountain, close to the Celtic village, and describes himself as a "guru and a yogi".

After the player impresses the nearby Japanese village by a few belief points, his silver reward scroll challenge becomes available.

In his challenge, the player must follow him without being seen as he walks down the mountain. There are two checkpoints to help, in case the Shaolin manages to spot the player.

This quest can be hard, but the reward is very useful: the Shaolin will help the player three times.

When Lethys sets fire on the player's followers and send them towards the the Japanese village, the shaolin will create two one-shot water miracles. After the player takes control of the Indian village, Lethys sends possessed wolves to claim it back. The Shaolin will help by turning most of the wolves into cows.

Finally, when the player must increase his influence towards the Egyptian village, the Shaolin will give the player a partially built wonder to increase the player's influence.