The children near the dock.

The Sea is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on Land 2, at the fenced Indian village (the same one where The Plague challenge was).

It seems to becomes available shortly after the player controls five or more villages (requires confirmation).

In this challenge, a worried mother has the player search for her missing children, who went out for swimming and didn't came back.

The Good WayEdit

Reunite the children and their mother. The children are near a dock down the cliff right next to the village. The player must have the creature pick them up and drop them on land (making sure it is not right at the shore, as sometimes a bug causes the children to "swim on land" as if they were still in the water. If this happens, the bugged child must be picked up again and moved farther the from water. Note that the bug is also present in The Savior challenge on Land 1).

It is also possible to pick up the mother and drop her right next to the children (but on the shore).

Reward: An enlarge creature miracle dispenser for rescuing the children, nothing for getting the mother to them.

The Evil WayEdit

Kill the mother, the children or both.

Reward: Nothing.

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