The gatestone, ready.

"The Sculptor" is the third and final challenge the player must complete in order to obtain a creature. Sable tells the player that since the last of the gatestones have been destroyed, the player must ask the village sculptor for a new one.

The gold story scroll for this challenge is located on top of the sculptor's house (the one with a small woman statue in front of it) at the starting village on Land 1.

The sculptor tells the player that the old Hermit's quarry has the perfect stone for him to work with.

The player must go to the quarry, pick up the stone (It is glowing with golden sparkles) and drop it in front of the sculptor. He'll start to work on the stone and after a while, he'll be done.

Reward: The final gatestone and one of three creatures to choose from.


  • If the sculptor happens to be killed, a copy of him will appear and say that it was his cousin that was killed (no matter how many times the player kills him, another will take his place and say the same thing).
  • Should the player remove the stone before it is finished, the sculptor will complain that it isn't finished yet. Giving it back will cause him to resume his work.
  • If the player loses the gatestone (by dropping it into the sea, for instance) another one will respawn at its place.

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