The woman begs the player to save her husband and the other drowning men.

The Savior is a silver scroll challenge which is located by the beach near the Norse village on Land 1. This challenge becomes available after the player concludes Sable's lesson about Leashes. Once started, a villager will approach the player character with a prayer, telling that a huge wave dragged her husband and four other villagers into the sea.

It is a good idea to have the creature close to the scroll before starting this challenge, so there will be plenty of time to save all the villagers.

The Good WayEdit

The good way to solve this challenge is to send in the creature to pick up the villagers and carry them safely to the shore (the player can't can't do this by him/herself). The creature should be ordered to pick up and carry each and every villager manually. This will prevent it from eating one of them. You must make sure you don't drop the villagers right at the shore, as sometimes a bug causes the people to "swim on land" as if they were still on water; the bug is also present in the similar challenge The Sea, on Land 2, where there are children to save.

Reward: A miracle dispenser containing a rechargeable strengthen creature miracle.

The Evil WayEdit

Like many Black & White challenges, this one can be completed in an evil way. Simply killing even one of the villagers or ignoring them altogether will cause the woman to say that her husband was killed by the player (no matter which villager died).

Reward: Nothing.


  • Although the creature is needed to pick up and carry the villagers to safety, there's a single villager which can be picked up by the player. This is assumed to be a bug.

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