The location of the scroll

The Rejuvenator is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on Land 3, on top a lone hut, close to the mountain path that leads to Lethys' temple. This challenge becomes available after the Egyptian village is taken.

This challenge involves a youth witch that claims to be able to turn even the eldest villager into a child again.

The SolutionEdit

Being a neutral challenge, there aren't many ways to solve this, but the player does have a choice.

Unlimited RejuvenationEdit

The player could keep giving her old villagers for as long as he/she likes.

Reward: Possibility to save villagers from death by old age available at all times.

New CreatureEdit

If the player doesn't want unlimited rejuvenation, he/she can instead give the woman adult villagers until she says she's dizzy. The player must then give her a child instead of an adult. The witch's hut will explode and the child will become a creature.

Reward: A Chimpanzee if the player has an Ape as his/her creature, or an Ape if the player has anything else.


  • Any villager will work for this quest, not just those of the player.

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