Wolves charging towards the player's village.

The Possessed Wolves is a challenge from Black & White that is automatically triggered a while after the player takes control of the Indian village on Land 3.

In it, Lethys sends a pack of possessed wolves towards the player's village.

The SolutionEdit

If The Shaolin challenge has been completed, he will appear and transform some of the wolves into cows. The rest of the wolves must be dealt with by the player.

The player can kill them in many ways: toss the very far or into the sea, burn them with lightning (the easiest way), fireballs, etc.

Failing to complete this challenge will cost the player the village, which will revert to Lethys' control with near 1500 belief needed for conversion.

Reward: The village remains under the player's control.


  • A tip to make this challenge even easier is to press Alt + 1, which slows the game speed, giving the player more time to react. Pressing Alt + 2 will revert the time back to normal.
  • Even if the wolves are burned, their charred corpses will remain. It is wise to get rid of them (by dumping them in the village store, for instance) as the villagers are still scared upon seeing them and will flee/hide in their houses, even if they are dead.
  • One efficient way to kill the wolves: Using the 'P' key to pause frequently, plant about five trees or bushes in the path of the pack. Set the foliage on fire. This should light most of the wolves as they pass through, and kill them before they reach the village. Watch for stragglers.
  • If you're willing to rely heavily on pausing the game, it's possible to simply put each wolf into the village store before any of them reach the village.

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