The Piper

"Get Help! I'm having a panic attack!"

- The Piper

The Piper is an NPC found at Land 1 of the first Black & White game.

He is a hooded man seen carrying a flute that hypnotizes children and is related to the silver reward scroll challenge called "The Pied Piper", where he kidnaps several younglings from the creche at the norse village.

The player must take action before he manages to kidnap more children.

The Good WayEdit

To complete the challenge in the good way, the player must attach the leash to the piper, immobilizing him, so the creature can pick him up. The creature must drop him at his hideout afterwards, so he releases the children. The player is rewarded with a miracle dispenser carrying a healing miracle (or the increased version if he's already done the ogre challenge).

The Evil WayEdit

Similarly to the good way, the player must attach the leash to the Piper and have the creature pick him up. But instead of taking him to his hideout, the player must order the creature to eat him alive. Doing so will prevent the children from ever being released, but it will reward the player with a miracle dispenser holding the lightning miracle.

Another evil way is to ignore the quest completely. Doing so will yield no reward at all.