The Piper's hideout.

The Pied Piper is a Land 1 silver reward scroll challenge which becomes available after Creature Guide's lesson about belief is completed. The scroll can be located on top of the crèche at the norse village.

In this challenge, a stranger has been stealing the children from the crèche and taking them to a secret hideout. It is up to the player (and his/her creature) to put and end to that.

It is not possible to directly interact with the piper and he runs faster than a creature.

The Good WayEdit

If the piper is hiding, the player must move his/her creature away and wait until he comes out again.

Using the leash, the player has to tie the creature to the piper (by double-clicking him with the leash in hand). He'll have a panic attack and the creature will be able to walk up to him and pick him up. He promises to behave and release all the children if he's dropped in front of his hideout. Doing so will make him comply and release the children (but he must be dropped exactly at the hideout or he'll flee).

Reward: A heal miracle dispenser (or the increased version, if The Ogre challenge has been completed).

The Evil WayEdit

Just like the good way, the creature must be tied to the piper and the player has to wait until it picks him up. However, instead of releasing him, the player has to rub the creature's belly so it'll eat the piper. Doing so will leave the missing children trapped forever in his hideout.

The player can also allow him to steal all the children by not interfering.

Reward: A lightning miracle dispenser if the piper is eaten, nothing for allowing him to steal all the children.


  • It is possible to take the piper with you into Land 2. However, he will simply wander around the map, and cannot be made into a disciple or village citizen.

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