Bw1 lostflock

One of the sheep needed for the challenge.

The Lost Flock is a Silver Reward Scroll challenge that is located on Land 1 on top of a large abode with a fenced area right next to the crèche in the Norse village. In it, a sheepherder asks the player to locate and return his lost sheep that escaped when he fell asleep while counting them.

Scroll InformationEdit

  • "By the great gods, I have been asleep. I was just counting my sheep when I dozed off. Please find my straying sheep.


The Good WayEdit

  • The player must find the sheep and return them to the pen beside the man's house.

Returning all of his nine sheep fully completes the challenge. He will reward the player with a small amount of grain after the first 5 sheep are returned, but he forgot that he actually has four more sheep, so the player will get the second part of the reward when he/she has found them all.

The location of all of the sheep are as follows:

  • Behind the huge gate.
  • Next to the sculptor's house.
  • Fenced in with some pigs, a little bit outside the village.
  • Near a singing stone by the sea, close to the village and where the drowning fishermen were.
  • Where the stone throwing challenge was. Next to the Japanese hut.
  • Where the sick man was.
  • Under some trees where the game started. (Not exactly where it started, the player has to follow the path a little bit.)
  • On the mountainside close to where the game started.
  • On a mountaintop close to the forest where the lost brother was. (The camera will zoom into it when the player starts the quest.)

A tip when searching for the sheep is to zoom in until a "baaing" can be heard, indicating a sheep is nearby.

Reward: A stack of grain for the first five sheep, and the Sheep creature for all 9.

Sheepherder reward

The Sheepherder's reward.

The Evil WayEdit

  • Simply killing the man ends the challenge in an evil way. Alternatively, the player could get all the sheep and the Sheep creature, and then smash the man's house or have the creature eat him.
  • While not necessarily evil, getting rid of the sheep (either by killing them, dropping them in the village store or feeding them to the creature) Will make this quest impossible to complete.

Reward: Nothing.

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