"The Lost Brother" is the second part of the challenge chain to obtain a creature. The gold story scroll that starts it can be found on top of a house at the norse village on Land 1.

The lost brother location.

Once started, a woman will tell the player that her sick brother has become lost, and that she's afraid he'll die. She promises she'll give the gatestone to the player if the brother is rescued. If the player haven't been using the zoom, Whitey will give him/her a quick reminder.

This is the first challenge of the game which gives the player a choice: it can be finished in either a good or evil way.

No matter which way is chosen, the player will get a gatestone. Dropping it on top of the first one from the previous challenge will complete this one.

The Good WayEdit

Quite obvious: the player must rescue the woman's brother (He can be found at a forest, through the pass. Look for golden sparkles) and

The sick brother reunited with his sister.

drop him in front of her house. The woman will be grateful and give the gatestone to the player.

Reward: The second gatestone.

The Evil WayEdit

Killing the brother and drop the corpse in front of the woman's house or crushing the house with a boulder will grant the gatestone to the player.

Reward: The second gatestone.

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