The informant has vital information.

Note: due to important gameplay factors, it is advised that any player reads the first entry of the Trivia section of this article.

The Informant is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on Land 5, on top of a campfire within a forest close to the Japanese village. It is available from the beginning, but it only appears at night.

In this challenge, a man who believes the player to be the one true god explains the nature of the creature curse: what it does and how does it work.

The SolutionEdit

Each night, the player must find the Informant and listen to what he has to say:

The First NightEdit

The Informant says that the curse affects the creature each time the sun sets, and it is powered by three wonders. The wonder in the neutral Tibetan village drains the strength of the creature.

The Second NightEdit

The Informant explains that the Greek wonder changes the creature's alignment to be opposite of that of the player, and the same as Nemesis' own creature, preventing the three parts of the creed from ever uniting.

The Third NightEdit

The Informant explains that the last wonder, the one at Nemesis' Tibetan village is shrinking the creature into nothingness.


The player must take over each of the villages mentioned by the Informant. There is no need to destroy the wonders, as Nemesis will explode them with mega-blast to deny the player their powers. They should be rebuilt, as they can greatly help the player in the land.

Reward: The creature curse is lifted and an increased heal miracle dispenser.


  • It is very important that patch 1.2 is installed before even going to Land 5, or the creature will remain forever cursed, hindering gameplay for the rest of that saved game's file.
  • Nemesis will cast an extreme storm miracle on the Greek village, after it is conquered. It is unkown why he does that to this specific village only, although it could simply be a gameplay mechanic to make the wood miracle harder to obtain.

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