Children stealing cows from the farmer.

The Greedy Farmer is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on the celtic village that is furthest from Lethys' temple on Land 2, becoming available shortly after this village is taken over by the player.

On this challenge, a farmer complains that children have been stealing his cattle. The children do so not out of greed, but because they are hungry. The player must chose a course of action to deal with this situation.


The player can keep returning the stolen cows to the farmer, which won't make the kids give up. Another option is to let the children steal the cows so they can eat.

Reward: Nothing.


The player may choose to kill the children or the greedy farmer.

Reward: Killing the children or killing the farmer will make the village's lightning miracle become increased.


  • This is the only silver reward scroll challenge of Black & White that does not yield a reward for being completed in a good way. ("Good" in this context refers exclusively to alignment. Players are entitled to their own opinions about what the farmer has coming.)
  • This challenge starts as soon as the village is taken, even if the player hasn't clicked the scroll. Failing to activate the scroll soon enough will render the challenge impossible to complete. It is not known if this is a bug.

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