The followers set on fire.

The Flaming Followers is a challenge from Black & White that is automatically triggered a while after the player takes the Japanese village on Land 3.

In this challenge, Lethys locates a number of the player's followers and set them on fire. This causes them to run blindly towards the village.

The SolutionEdit

If The Shaolin challenge has been completed, he will appear and give two one-shot water miracles to the player.

If that isn't enough, the solution is to cast more water miracles on them and/or place them in the sea (but they will drown if not rescued soon).

Failing to complete this challenge in time will make the burning villagers spread their fire to other villagers and buildings, causing great damage to the village.

Reward: The villagers that are saved and the safety of the village.

Trivia Edit

  • A tip to make this challenge even easier is to press Alt + 1, which

slows the game speed, giving the player more time to react. Pressing Alt + 2 will revert the time back to normal.

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