The Final Battle is a non-scroll challenge from Black & White, which is automatically triggered immediately after the player converts Nemesis' last village on Land 5.

Defeated, Nemesis still refuses to give up, taunting the player about his/her "weak creature". And making his own creature the opposite of that of the player.

The player must then send his own creature to the battle between good and evil and win.


To win in this fight, the player must outlast the rival creature who relies on constant healing to win. By surviving the fight and forcing him to cast all the heals until he can't do it anymore, the player will be victorious.

Having the creature develop its strength (or using a strengthen creature miracle), well rested and fed will make the fight easier, as usual.

The player should cast a fireball or lightning right at the start to set Mirror ablaze, dealing constant damage to it. This will cause the heals to come off earlier. The player then must order his own creature to heal itself when needed. The battle will be won eventually.

Reward: Access to the volcano, and The final challenge is unlocked.


  • The Final Battle is a generic name, as no official name for this challenge is known.

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