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"The Explorers" is a silver reward scroll challenge on Land 1. After opening the gates, the scroll will be located on the beach behind them, on top of a big boat.

Scroll InformationEdit

  • "Oh, we've got this notion
    That we'd quite like to sail the ocean
    So we're building a big boat to leave here for good.
    We're not keen on sinking, so that's why we're sittin' thinkin'
    Cuz we've built it too big and we've run out of wood."
  • "Oh, the boat is now finished
    but there's still somethin' on the wishlist
    to keep us all goin' through the wind and the rain.
    There's no food on the table
    and we can't sail unless we're able
    so we ain't goin' no where 'till we get some grain."
  • "Oh, we're not complainin'
    but there's still one more thing remaining
    cuz bread is quite boring if that's all you eat.
    We need some flavor
    so do us all a little favor
    cuz we aren't goin' nowhere 'till we get some meat."


The Good WayEdit

  • When they ask for Wood, the player needs to give them about 1000 Wood from the village store, and drop it around the Explorers' little campsite. They'll pick it up and use it to finish building their boat. Any excess wood given will also disappear.
  • When they ask for Food, the player must gather about 600 Food from any source, and drop it around the campsite.Any excess food given will also disappear.
Bw1 explorermiracle
  • For meat, 2 Livestock animals will do. There's a small herd of horses around the ship and the cattle or pigs around the Norse village. The player must drop them at their campsite. It is advised to spare the sheep, however, as using them will make it impossible to fully complete The Lost Flock challenge, making the Sheep creature unobtainable.

Reward: A Water Miracle Dispenser. The Explorers Again silver reward scroll challenge becomes available on Land 5.

The Evil WayEdit

  • The player must kill the explorer at any point of the challenge.

Reward: The humorous quote: "Oh my god, they killed Kenneth!" and nothing else.

The first monologue that appears01:15

The first monologue that appears.


  • No matter which animals are given, on the closing cinematic, they'll have two cows on their ship.
  • Upon Completing the quest in a good way, there will be a man and a woman on the front of the ship, posed like the scene from Titanic in the following cinematic
  • the quote "Oh my god they killed Kenneth" is a reference to the famous South Park quote "Oh my god they killed Kenny."
  • The player can add crew to the ship. To do so, place a villager near the crew's campfire. They will accept at least one child "to scrub the decks", and some number of adults (possibly unlimited), with different messages for male and female additions. This has not been observed to have any effect on game play.

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