The Guide pays the ultimate price for defying Nemesis.

"The creature's learning - part 4" is the final lesson from Creature Guide and it's also the last gold story scroll from Land 1.

This is also the easiest challenge of the chain: the player simply has to activate the scroll, lead the creature toward The Guide, and then move lead him even closer when he/she is told to do so.

Guide will tell the player about Nemesis and the creeds and their importance. Nemesis will kill him for this betrayal and summon a massive storm upon the player's norse village.

It is possible to help the villagers in this dire situation (by using water miracles on the flaming buildings) but this will prove to be pointless. The player must wait for a golden light to show up (it will be around the beach where "The Savior" challenge is/was). A vortex will then appear and, after the player throws whatever he/she wants into it, he/she can use it to travel to Land 2 to escape Nemesis' wrath.

Reward: Land 2 vortex, creature help tips.

Trivia Edit

  • It is a good idea to start this quest only after the player's creature has learned all of the available miracles on this Land.
  • No matter how far the player's creature go when fleeing, at least part of Nemesis' lightning will hit him.
  • Completing this quest will activate the creature help tips, which allows the player to better know what the creature is up to.

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