Guide (right) shrinks down to instruct the player's creature (left) in combat.

"The creature's learning - part 3" is one of Creature Guide's lessons to the player and his creature on Land 1. This particular lesson is about combat.

Creature Guide will shrink to the player's creature size to make things easier. He will then teach the basics of combat: the creature can attack, dodge and block. Any of these commands can be queued. If the creature has been taught miracles, those can be cast during this fight (or any other) by making the corresponding gesture.

Creature Guide will then engage in "friendly combat" with the player's creature. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, the Guide will heal the player's creature and get some rest before the final lesson.

Reward: Basic combat knowledge.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the creature guide doesn't explain it, the player's creature can perform a special attack for extra damage, should the player make a pentagram gesture.

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