Sable watches as the creature sleeps in his new home.

The part 1 of "The Creature's Learning" chain consists of every single lesson Sable has to teach the player after he/she obtains a creature on Land 1. The gold story scroll will be located in front of the player's temple.

The player will learn that he can pat the creature when they agree with his actions, slap him when they disagree with the his behaviour, feed him by placing whatever the player wishes it to eat on his hands, then rubbing his belly; and lastly, about leashes: how to leash the creature, how to move him around, have him pick up objects and how to tie the other end of the leash to an object.

Sable concludes the lessons telling the player about a giant creature that hides from humans, and then bids the player farewell.

Reward: Sable's knowledge of creatures and access to the leashes.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can slap the creature when he/she is told to pat him, as well as pat him when he/she is told to slap him. Sable will still help the player no matter the choices made, but will express her disapproval should her lessons not be heeded.

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