The temple owner points at the signpost with the instructions.

The Beach Temple Puzzle is a silver reward scroll challenge that can be found by the lake in the middle of Land 2.

The temple owner begs for help as his temple is flooded regularly, and explains that the instructions on how to move said temple can be found on the nearby signpost.

This is a simple Tower of Hanoi puzzle. The rules are the following:

  1. Only one piece can be moved at a time
  2. A piece cannot be placed on top of a smaller piece
  3. A piece cannot be moved if it has another piece on top of it (i.e. it is only possible to move the top pieces of each stack).

Reward: Any living being brought to the temple will be healed anytime.

This animated gif from Wikipedia shows how to solve the puzzle (click it to see it moving).

Tower of Hanoi 4

Click this picture to see one of the many possible ways of solving the puzzle (by Wikipedia).


  • The reward provided by this challenge can help the player complete 'The Plague' challenge.
  • Upon moving the base of the temple, its owner will yell some humorous quotes.

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