The puzzle's location.

Stanley the Wolf is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on Land 5, at a fence-maze, much similar to that of Rescue Thomas from the previous land. The maze itself is located on the peninsula where the player's temple is, on the part that is closest to the neutral Tibetan village (The one that gets protected by Nemesis' Shield). This challenge is immediately available upon reaching Land 5.

In this challenge, a man asks the player for help: he needs to feed sheep to his wolf Stanley, but the animal is blind, relying on bells to guide him to his food.

The SolutionEdit

The instructions are found on the nearby signpost. Whenever a bell is rang, Stanley moves all the way towards that direction, only stopping upon reaching a fence wall. The four bells move him in the four possible directions, while the corner bell resets the puzzle.

The solution can be seen in the picture to the right.

Alternatively, assuming you have the camera in a way that the "reset bell" is on the top left corner (like in the picture), just follow these steps:

  1. Ring the left bell.
  2. Ring the down bell.
  3. Ring the right bell.
  4. Ring the up bell.
  5. Ring the right bell.
  6. Ring the up bell.
  7. Ring the left bell.
  8. Ring the down bell.

The puzzle's solution, assuming the player is facing the puzzle like in this picture: Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.

Reward: The Lion creature is unlocked and the extreme fireball miracle becomes avaliable at the Norse village center.

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