Sable, (sometimes called Sable, the creature trainer) is an NPC from the first Black & White game and one of the first the player encounters.

She is an elderly woman with white hair and black skin.

She gives the player the quest to search for the three gatestones - each shaped as one of the starting creatures' heads - to open the wooden gate at the first village.

When this task is completed, Sable allows the player to choose one of the three starting creatures (the Tiger, the Ape or the Cow) to be his/her companion. Afterwards, she will teach the player more about the creature; including feeding, the punishment/reward system, and the leashes.

After the player completes each step of her training, she will say goodbye, and tell a tale about a gigantic creature that hides from humans before she leaves.


  • After completion of the creature's training, she will go stand under a tree close to town and will not move, even if she's turned into a disciple.
  • If you make your creature eat her, even if they are trained to or have a natural preference for human flesh, they will regurgitate nevertheless.
  • Her name, Sable, means a certain colour of off-black most commonly used on a coat of arms.