Not to be confused with Ore, a rock-shaped resource from Black & White 2.

Rocks, or stones, are objects found all over Eden in Black & White

Rocks of different shapes, sizes and colors.

and it's sequel. They can have several uses to a god or creature.


  • Rocks are primarily used as an inexpensive source of damage, by tossing then at villagers, creatures or buildings to injure, kill, damage or destroy the target. The damage caused by a rock is related to its size (the bigger, the better). This also works against the physical shield miracle. The creature can also learn to pick up and throw rocks to attack by watching its owner (or any other god) doing this, the leash of learning speeds up the process as usual.
  • Tapping a rock with the action button will cause it to break in two, smaller rocks. Some rocks are so big, that not even a god can carry them, thus making this technique useful in some cases.
  • Rocks placed within a village, specially if close to the village center, can be turned into artifacts. To do this, the player must simply leave the rock there, and the villagers will dance around it. After many dances, the rock will emit a glow, indicating it is now an artifact. This work with other objects as well. Breaking a rock that has become an artifact will remove its power.
  • A creature that picks up a rock and walks around while holding it will have its strength boosted. The larger the rock, the faster the process occurs. This will also help it get rid of fatness.

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