Village Store

Food and Wood in a village store.

Resources are a central element of the Black & White series. Resources are mainly used to maintain a village's (generally) growing population.

In Black & White Edit

In the first game, there are two resources: food and wood. Food is eaten by the villagers: they will stop whatever they are doing to find a food source if they are hungry. Food can be obtained from fields, fish farms, animals and the food miracle. In rare cases, a scroll challenge will reward the player with food. When there is more food than the villagers need, it is stored at the village store for later use.

Wood can be obtained from individual trees, from forests (natural, or player-created) or the wood and forest miracles. Wood is needed to construct buildings: the player just need to place the wood on top of an unfinished or damaged building and the villagers will construct it on their own.

When there is more wood than the villagers need, it is stored at the village store for later use.

The player have access to buildings and miracles to help him/her maintain a constant source of food and/or wood.

Growing food and wood Edit

In the first game, the player can have a constant supply of food by creating more fields, and having animals breed, by having their herds close to water and providing them with a slight amount of food. Fish farms also respawn over time, giving another steady source of food.

Wood can be generated by creating forests, which is done by planting a tree far away from a village and then watering it several times, so it produces sprouts, which can then be watered as well.

In Black & White 2 Edit

There are three different resources in Black & White 2: Food, Wood and Ore.

Ore is used much like wood, for building, with the exception of equipting soldiers with,  and is the only resource that is limited.

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