Ore is a new third resource introduced in Black and White 2, represented when stored or in piles by a grey-coloured heap of dust. It is an invaluable resource used for both the construction of impressive buildings and fortifications and for equipping the army.

Ore can be found by harvesting ore rocks, identifiable by their mottled appearance, or by predetermined ore mines scattered about the island. The Player can harvest ore rocks within his or her influence at leisure, however mines can only be accessed by villagers and the Creature. Disciple Miners are villagers dedicated to harvesting ore.

The amount of ore yielded with each rock or mine can be enhanced with the smelter. Once bought, the smelter should be one of the first buildings constructed to get the most out of the settlement's nearby sources.

Unlike wood or food, ore is a finite resource on most maps. Once used up, it cannot be regained. Given the reduced radius that influence has in Black and White 2 and the lack of resource-based miracles, players may find new sources of ore difficult to access. Additional ore may be brought in by migrants from other cities, or else the Creature may be able to retrieve ore rocks from outside the influence. The exception is the Third Island, which has a bottomless ore mine a short distance from the starting position, and in Battle of the Gods, where the Life Miracle can restock ore supplies at the storehouse.

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