Miracle GeneratorB.thumb

One-shot water miracle atop a miracle dispenser

One-shot miracles are miracles that can be cast only once.

They can be found encased in bubbles, which are generated by special miracle dispensers or created by the player character, by placing an ordinary miracle on a miracle dispenser, encasing it in a bubble.

When a firefly hides under an object, such as a rock or a tree, it will become a miracle seed which turns into a one-shot miracle at dawn. When the player picks that object up, the one-shot miracle is uncovered.

Miracle dispensers created by the player via scaffoldings can store, but not produce one-shot miracles.

One-shot miracle bubbles can be given to a big enough creature. The creature can then "study" the bubble to learn more about the miracle, and/or try to cast it. This is useful for players that want their creatures to cast a specific miracle very cheaply if it produces a miracle.