The Ogre is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock Edit


Alignment Edit

The natural alignment of the Ogre is evil.

Neutral look Edit


A neutral Ogre.

The neutral look of the Ogre is a green cyclops caveman.

Good look Edit

The good look of the Ogre is same as neutral.

Evil look Edit

The evil look of the Ogre is same as neutral.

Al Characteristics Edit

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Ogre:

  • speed = 5
  • strength = 7
  • intelligence = 4

General description Edit

The Ogre is basically the closest thing you can get to a human giant (just one eyed and green). It's evil, doesn't learn very well and, because its not supposed to be played as, has a lot of bugs such as no dance, however it's very good in close combat.


Many ogres are encountered during the game:

Black and White
Starting Creatures Ape / Cow / Tiger
Unlockable Creatures Brown Bear / Chimpanzee / Lion / Polar Bear / Sheep / Tortoise / Wolf / Zebra
Creature Isle Only Chicken / Crocodile / Rhinoceros
Hacked Creatures Ogre / Rhinoceros
Patch Only Gorilla / Horse / Leopard / Mandrill
Black and White 2
Starting Creatures Cow / Lion / Ape / Wolf
Unlockable Creatures Tiger
Battle of the gods Starting Creature Turtle
Antagonist Creatures Wolf / Tiger / Gorilla / Undead Gorilla