A group of Norse villagers.

The Norse are one of the eight tribes present in Black & White. They can be found on lands 1, 2, 4 and 5.

They are the main tribe of the game, appearing on most of the lands.

They appear in Black & White 2 as one of the antagonists on land 2 (tutorial) & 3 (Sandbox island which the game will reset to when beaten), but eventually start believing the player as a god, They prefer warfare and the tribal commander will enthuse about his troops and their military superiority, additionally they have a wolf as an enemy creature.

Once defeated they will appear on the final land to help battle the Aztecs.
Norse City

The norse Home city on land 3 in Black and white 2


  • It is possible that the player character is a norse god, seeing that he/she is born from the prayers of a norse family.
  • There is a Small Chance in Black and white 2 that if you pick up a Male Norse Tribesman, (especially in land 1) and Make them a soldier by Hovering over the platoon and make them a soldier you will see they will turn into a Norse Soldier, they will act like a Greek soldier but look like a Norse Soldier.