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Mushrooms are fungi found in the world of Eden.

They come in three varieties, each with its own special properties.

Blue MushroomEdit

The most common mushroom in Black & White, they are tall and pointy. If a creature eats enough of these, he will behave oddly.
Blue Mushroom

Blue Mushrooms.

Red MushroomEdit

These mushrooms are flat, and have white spots all over. These are poisonous: if eaten by a creature, it will cause him to puke.

Poison mushroom

Two poisonous red mushrooms.

Red mushrooms are specially useful to evil gods, as they can be placed inside village stores to poison the food supply and any villager who eats from them. A poisoned villager will slowly lose health until he/she dies or is healed. Poisoned villagers can be easily identified by their shade of green color and constant coughing.

Lilac MushroomEdit

The rarest of them all, this mushroom is also flat, but it has no spots. It's almost white in color. Thes
Purple Mushroom

Lilac Mushrooms.

e mushrooms are very valuable as they increase growth slightly when eaten by a creature.


  • Unlike trees, mushrooms can't be replanted after being picked up

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