Morg, the ogre

"Sheeps keep me awake with BAAings at night!"

- Morg

Morg is one of the ogres that can be found on Land 4. He is located near the huge crater where the undead village is.

From his high "vantage point", he hurls rocks down at the sheep who keeps him from sleeping.

This ogre, while not a direct threat, can interfere with The Treacherous Path challenge. The easiest way to solve this problem is to have your own creature beat him up before starting the challenge, so he won't ever be a problem. One may also prefer to remove all the sheep, his rock supply or try and catch the rocks he hurls before they can hit the healing sister (the hardest possible choice).

Trivia Edit

  • Just like the gremlins, Morg leaves a human skeleton after being killed.
  • Ironically, the sheep prevents Morg from sleeping (as opposed to the well known technique of counting sheep to help one sleep).

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