Mirror Defeated

A tortoise mirror creature, defeated.

The Mirror Creature is the last - and toughest - creature the player must fight to win the game, mainly because of its ability to heal.

After the player takes Nemesis' last village, he will transform his own creature to match that of the player in every way, except for its alignment which is the opposite, and the miracles it knows.

After the player successfully defeats the Mirror, he can proceed to beat the game.

Tips Edit

As mentioned above, the fight against the Mirror Creature can be hard. A good way of defeating it, is to cast fireball right at the start, queue many attacks on the mirror, forcing it to waste its heals, and healing when needed. Having your creature properly fed and rested before the fight helps to make it easier, as well as developing your own creature's strength for extra damage per punch.

Known Bugs Edit

This part of the game suffers from a horrible bug. Should the player be defeated by the enemy creature, do not attack the creature in any way. By attacking the enemy Creature (and defeating it) it will return to its pen and possibly be frozen for the remainder of the game. Your own creature will not move past the fighting area, and in turn end up frozen on the very spot, unable to complete the game. (The Creature will still be available in Skirmishes, but it simply will not be useful anymore in the story. Fatigue, damage, or hunger at 100% will not do anything).