Miracle Dispenser

A miracle dispenser

Miracle dispensers are buildings featured in Black & White. They can be given to a player as a reward for completing certain silver reward scroll challenges, found around Eden, or be built by using six combined scaffoldings and placing them on the ground.

Miracle dispensers from challenges and those found around Eden always come with a miracle on top of them. Once the one-shot miracle is used, it will reappear after a set time. If a dispenser is damaged, and does not belong to any village, it will never produce miracles again. If the dispenser is owned by a village then the villagers will repair it, after which it will be able to produce miracles again.

Both kinds of dispenser can store miracles if the player has access to them. The player must place the miracle in his/her hand (by clicking on them or with gestures) then "cast" them right on top of the miracle dispenser. Doing so will encase that miracle in a bubble, making it a one-shot miracle that can be used whenever the player wishes to do so. Once you have used the miracle on a\ built miracle dispenser it will never produce miracles again.

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