Meteor Shower is a non-scroll challenge from Black & White, and is automatically triggered a while after capturing the Greek village on Land 5.

Meteors will rain down on the village, burning anything they can touch, and exploding soon after, causing more fires to spread.

The SolutionEdit

While it can be hard to get through this challenge without severe damage to the Greek village, there are a few tips that will help:

  • If the player has aready taken the Japanese village, its physical shield miracle which can be mantained through worshipping or sacrifices, is by far the best option to deal with the rain.
  • Another good tip is to have the Greek village center and worship site fully built/repaired as fast as possible. That will also give the player access to the physical shield miracle.
  • If the player has any one-shot physical shield miracles, this is the perfect time to use them. They should be placed around the village center and other important buildings, such as the village store.
  • It is possible to catch the meteors mid-air, albeit very difficult, even in slower game speed (Alt + 1 slows the game speed down).
  • When a meteor lands, the villagers will surround it and kick dirt at it, attempting to put out the flames. It is best to throw the meteor far away before this happens, for it will soon explode, incinerating any villagers around it.
  • Water Miracles can help putting out any fires, although this is best done in the short "breaks" between one shower and the next one, as the player will likely be very busy throwing the meteors away before they explode on villagers and buildings.
  • Villagers from any other conquered villages (or even better, Nemesis' remaining villages) can be moved to the Greek village after the shower, to help in repopulating it.
  • The Greek village gives the player access to the wood miracle, making it easier to rebuild the damaged buildings.

Reward: Whatever is left of the greek village and a chest with a Holy Flies one-shot miracle.

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