Mega-Blast Rain is a non-scroll challenge from Black & White. It is automatically triggered when the player converts all but one of Nemesis' villages on Land 5.

When this happens, predetermined areas of the landscape will be constantly bombarded with Mega-Blast miracles, which includes the greek wonder. To get around this, the player must have enough greek villagers to mantain a strong enough spiritual shield, which can be hard, since the village is devastated by an extreme storm miracle and a meteor shower. Once the player manages to erect the shield, it will be able to prevent the buildings from exploding.

The shield must remain until Nemesis' last village (the Aztec one) is conquered. Doing so will permanently stop the mega-blast rain.

Reward: The "rain" stops.


  • Mega-Blast Rain is a generic name, as no official name exists for this challenge.
  • In addition to hitting the wonder, the mega-blasts hit abodes, which villagers will try to rebuild, as well as the land they will try to cross to go fishing. There is no way to permanently keep the villagers from going there and getting killed, the best solution being taking Nemesis' last village as soon as possible.

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