Lethys 2


Lethys is an NPC of the first Black & White game.

He is described by Khazar as a "god from the snowy realm and an ally of Nemesis".

He is first encountered on Land 2, where he threatens and taunts the player whenever he/she flies over his territory.

After the death of Khazar, his creature steals one of the pieces of the creed and escapes through a vortex. When the player takes two of his three villages, he will steal the player's creature and escape through another vortex. The player has the choice to follow him right away or to wait and come prepared after destroying Lethys' temple on Land 2 to reopen the vortex.

On Land 3, it is revealed that Lethys has trapped the player's creature with three magical pillars and ordered his own creature to torture him. Each pillar corresponds to one village that must be taken in order to free the creature.

Lethys will not just give them without a fight, though, and will retaliate with flaming villagers and possessed wolves.

After the player frees his/her creature, Lethys will beg for mercy. He gives the piece of the creed from Khazar's dead creature and opens a vortex to guide the player to another creed.

In return, he asks the player to leave him with his last village, or else he will cease to exist.

The player can then proceed to Land 4, leaving Lethys unharmed, or take his last village anyway, destroying him for good.


  • Sometimes, when the player encounters Lethys for the first time, a bug causes him to have Khazar's symbol, while Khazar appears with no symbol at all. This can be fixed by exiting the game and the reentering it.