A lazy village is a phenomenon that can occur in the first Black & White game.

When a village becomes lazy, its inhabitants will stop performing tasks such as building, gathering food, wood, or even worshipping.


If one is to observe a normal village, he/she will get to see the villagers doing tasks on their own: they will gather food from their fields, fish farms and animals and take it to the village store, chop down trees, construct homes and other buildings and dance around objects to make artifacts.

These things won't occur in a lazy village, for a few different reasons:

  • Too many disciples on a village will take care of every task on it, preventing average villagers from doing so, making them lazy (does not apply to breeders, craftsmen, traders or missionaries).
  • Overzealous good gods are specially prone to having lazy villages. If the player is taking care of the villagers' needs all the time, they won't see a reason to take care of it by themselves. This can be clearly seen by constantly casting food or wood miracles over the same village store: the villagers will go from saying "wow, food!" to saying "hmm... food..." soon, meaning they actually expect their god to take care of everything.
  • An excessively good creature may also cause the same problem, in addition to neglect its own needs, causing it to grow slower and weaker over the course of the game years. It needs to be punished until it reaches "normal" levels of kindness.


The first thing to do about a lazy village is to confirm if its actually lazy. This can be done by hitting the S key on the keyboard and then looking at the villagers on the village itself and at the village's worship site. If idle villagers are displayed as "chilling out", then all is well. "Nothing to do" however, means they are getting lazy.

On the worship site, lazy villages will display "hiding at the worship site". These villagers are particularly bad for a player as they are providing no prayer power at all, but eat the food stored at the worship site!

To cure the lazy village, the first thing the player must do is remove every disciple, at least for a moment.

The player must not just give the villagers what they want. If they need homes, the player can provide the scaffolding and then provide part of the wood needed for said house, letting them take care of the rest of the process. If they need food, a field can be given to them, so that they can harvest what they need.

Eventually, a village will revert to its normal state and the player will be able to spot villagers doing tasks on their own again.


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