Large abodes can be built by combining two scaffolds and are used to shelter villagers. How many villagers it can shelter depends on tribe and size of the abode itself, but it varies from three minimum to seven maximum. Large abodes with the largest capacity (this depends on tribe - e.g. Tibetan tribe's largest abode can house up to seven villagers) can only be built if a number of prerequisite smaller (note: "smaller" - not necessarily the "small" abodes - although those, too are required) abodes have already been erected. There's also a way to exploit this mechanic; when you have built enough abodes to fullfil the requirement for the highest tier abode, the game will only reinstate the limitation once the allowed number of new abodes is built to completion; effectively allowing you to build as many of them as you want during that time.

These can be better than small abodes even if they are of the 3-villager variety, for they save up room for future abodes or civic buildings.
Black and White
One / Two Scaffolds Small Abode / Large Abode
Three Scaffolds Creche / Graveyard / Village Store / Workshop
4 to 8 Scaffolds Field / Village Center / Miracle Dispenser / Wonder / Football Field
Other Temple / Worship Site
Black And White 2 + BOTG
Dwellings Creature Pen / House / Hovel / Manor / Mansion / Skyscraper / Villa
Civic Buildings Altar / Amphitheater / Baths / Graveyard / Nursery / Prison / Rest Home / Tavern / Temple / Hospital
Industrial Buildings Field / Granary / Lumber Mill / Plant Market / Pot Market / Smelter / Statue Market / Storehouse / University / Abattoir
Walls and Roads Fortified Wall / Road / Wall / Wall Gatehouse
Embellishments Column / Fertility Statue / Lamp / Meadow / Naming Fountain / Punishment Spike / Torture Pit / Well / Single Signpost / Double Signpost / Crossroads Signpost / Small Animal Pen / Dovecote / Pig Sty / Large Animal Pen / Flagpole
Military Armory / Ranged Armory / Siege Workshop / Blacksmith
Wonders Earthquake Wonder / Hurricane Wonder / Siren Wonder / Volcano Wonder
Non Greek Buildings Aztec Fountain / Aztec Statue / Japanese Fountain / Japanese Garden / Japanese Shrine / Norse Fountain / Norse Statue