Land 5

Land 5 from an aerial view

Land 5 is the last realm of Black & White 1. It houses two Norse villages (or just one, if the player fails to help the explorers on Land 1), a Greek village, an Aztec village, a Japanese village, and two Tibetan villages. Here, the player must banish Nemesis once and for all. But he has a trick up his sleeve: he curses the creature. To cure him, the Greek and Tibetan villages must be taken. The player starts out with an incomplete Norse village. If the explorers quest is completed, an additional Norse village with a Norse wonder will be available.

Silver Reward ScrollsEdit

Non-Scroll ChallengesEdit

Available CreaturesEdit

  • Polar Bear (complete "The Explorers" silver reward scroll quest on Land 1 and then complete "The explorers Again" silver reward scroll quest on Land 5).
  • Brown Bear (complete "Swap to Brown Bear silver reward scroll quest).
  • Lion (complete "Stanley the Wolf" silver reward scroll quest).
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