Upon exiting the first land, the player arrives at the Greek homeland, but it seems you are not there to help build a city or convince others of your cause, but were summoned by a "pure prayer". The player finds that the city is being invaded and razed by the Aztecs.

Towns and GeographyEdit

While most of the geography is unknown due to the fact you cannot freely explore the land, it is known there are several downhill slopes and a large plateau at the center. However you can access the landscape editor if downloaded and look around.


  • The only known town on this land is the Greek capital

Scrolls and ObjectivesEdit

Bronze Tutorials:

  • None

Silver Quests:

  • None

Gold Story:

  • None


  • Save people from Archers. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Save people from burning buildings. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Crush Aztecs with barrels. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Roll hay bales down hill. Tribute earned: 0

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